Today I was messing around with some plugins that I have installed in my workstation. I like to rediscover plugins that I might have used in the past but I don’t use then so often now.
So I made a nice drum pattern and I was ready to start making some melodies and I loaded Proteus VX. I was messing around with it and I thought “I must save the project or I will lose my work so far…” I went to save the project and bamm FL Studio crash 🙁

I was MAD. I hate when this happens!

I repeatedly loaded the plugin until I understood that this was a problem of Proteux VX with FL Studio 12.3 64 bit.
My anger passed fast and I went on dedective mode… Opened a browser and start searching some solution and I came across a Image-Line forum post about the issue. But there was no solution. The post on Image-line’s forum said that this might be a problem with saving the plugin.

So I went to my DAW and start testing things out. You will only get an crash if you load some preset and then trying to save the .flp file because you will get a pop-up window from Proteus VX. The issue is that when you save your .flp project the pop-up window does not show for you to save the Proteux VX status.


1 – Open FL Studio (I have version 12.3 64 bit)

2 – Load Proteus VX

3 – Load a preset (for example Dynamic Grand)

3 – Click in the save button inside Proteus VX

4 – Save the .exb file on your hard-drive. As you can see in the image bellow I saved as Tiago Duarte.exb somewhere on my hard-drive.

Proteus VX

5 – You are now ready to save the FL Studio project.


Regardless of this fix the best way I found to work with Proteus VX is to have only one instance open and switching through presets and bouncing each sound to audio form. Is not ideal but gets the job done without much work. Remember that every time you change a preset you must save the .exb file or when you save the .flp file you will get the same error and crash (when you change the preset the Proteus VX status changes and thus requires saving).


You should not have any issues saving your project anymore.

I hope this post was helpfull.


Best regards and go make good music

Tiago Duarte

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