Golden Collection Pack

Golden Collection

The Golden Collection is a collection of all our Sample Packs in one single product. Imagine having a collection of hundred of loops at your disposal to drag into your DAW and jump start your new great track for the world to listen to. With the Golden Collection you will get all of our loops. We spent hundreds of hours making these sample packs to provide your with the highest quality and we are giving it away for a fraction of the price.

Demo Songs


      Piano Loop: A love story

      Sax loop: Back in the days

      Strings Loop: Club

      Electric guitar Loop: Dirt

      Loop: For tomorrow

      Organ Loop: Gun range

      Vocal Fx Loop

      Loop: In the hood

      Loop: No love lost no love found

      Loop: Not good enough

      Loop: Out of box

      String loop: Scan

      Rhodes loop: Sensation

      Acoustic Gutiar loop: Smile

      Drum loop: Sounds good

      Loop: Sunset

      Trap loop: Trap in the lab

      Brass Loop - 85 bpm - CMinor

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Golden Collection

Why Golden Collection?

This is simply our best product. It includes almost one year of constant releases and hundreds of hours of work to provide your with the best sample packs.

‣ A collection of hundreds of professional high-quality wav files

‣ Save big

‣ Get all our products in one single pack

‣ 1788 wav files - 9,5 GB


The Golden Collection includes

Daily Beats VST Update

‣ 30 Instruments

‣ VST and AU for Windows and MAC OSX

‣ +4GB of real instruments

Golden Collection Bonus

Golden Collection Bonus

Our Special Sample Packs

‣ BassLine Sample Pack

‣ Piano Sample Pack

‣ Heavy Brass Sample Pack

All 15 Sample Pack + 3 Special Sample Packs + Daily Beats VST would cost you 287€

Download the biggest Sample Pack Collection for only...

287€ → 50€!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download this product after purchase?
You will be able to download the product right after the checout page. It will also be sent to the email you use for purchase. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it, and if you have any issues , email us
How can I pay for this product?
You can pay with Paypal or Visa, Master Card, Amex. If your having trouble with Paypal try using a different computer or internet browser. Email us for any questions regarding this.
Can I use this pack in any DAW?
Yes, this pack can be used with any DAW! The Daily Beats VST can be installed in any DAW that supports VST and/or AU.
Will I need plug-ins to use the samples?
You don't need any plug-ins to use the samples.

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