Hi today I bring you a great place for freeware tools for music producers: The Bedroom Producers Blog  – http://bedroomproducersblog.com

This website is a great place for music producer to find free samples, free vst plugin and reviews on plugins and more. I definetly encourage you to take a look at this website because you will find a good source of information on free tools.

When I stumbledupon this website I was looking for free vst and I found these amazing lists:

  1. Top 50 Freeware VST plugins of 2015
  2. Top 40 Freeware VST plugins of 2014
  3. Top 20 Freeware VST plugins of 2013

I spent a couple of hours going through and downloading the plugins and let me tell you I use some most of the time.

Also be sure to check BPB on YouTube



Tiago Duarte