So you downloaded a copy of a specific Daily Beats Sample pack and you wonder how to add it to your FL Studio browser panel. Here is the answer 🙂

The FL Studio browser only show the folders that you add it to and the factory default. To open up your browser you can press Alt+F8 or click in the icon showed in the image bellow.
image open browser

You can add a folder to your browser window in 2 ways.
The first way is the follow:
1 – Go to the “OPTIONS” menu in the top left corner and click “File Settings”
options menu

2 – Click on the folder icon and add the folder location and you can also set the folder name using the field “Browser name”
file settings menu

3 – I added a folder on my desktop called Daily Beats Sample Pack and rename it Daily Beats SP
file settings menu example

It now show on my Browser!
folder in browser

The second method is a simple method and is to drag and drop the folders that you want on the Browser window of FL Studio. You can then rename them if you want doing steps 1 and 2 above.

If you still have some questions about this you can watch the official video from Image-Line.

Hope this was helpfull,
Tiago Duarte

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