Our Mission

Change the World Through Music

At Daily Beats we work every day to Change the World Through Music.

This is no small task but we beleive that with the right work ethic and the right atitude we can cause a positive impact in society. We strive to give you the best with what we have and giving you a positive experience with our products and website. We are commited to our mission and we are not going to stop until you see the results of our mission. Daily Beats is a mission statement expressed in our music related products. We beleive that every human has the power to excel and make great things and that is what makes humanity so great.

About Founder

Tiago Duarte – Founder

I love music production. I am an Hip Hop artist and music producer. I started making music when I was a teenager as an hobby. I got in contact with making music in a computer when I decided I wanted to be a musician. I went on to create an Hip Hop group called Clandestino and we did a lot of concerts throughout Portugal. I was doing all the productions and recordings for the group and we even built a small studio in my garage. With some elements of the group we started making parties and we did “Às 3 Pancadas” – a freestyle and beat-box contest that is still running to this day (although I am not a part anymore). I released my solo album in 2016 and launched Daily Beats in the summer of 2016 with the mission of Changing the World Through Music.

What do I do as a Music Producer?

I am a rapper with 2 Hip Hop albums. I am also a composer, producer and I mix and master my own music. I produce something called Daily Beats Series where I publish a new Hip Hop/Rap beat everyday day to this YouTube Playlist. I have a solo Hip Hop album called O Meu Caminho and an album under construction where I recite poems and poetry from Portuguese writters over calm and soft music compositions, called Poesia Moderna.

I also create samples packs separated by Volume – 15 by the end of 2016 – here.


My story

Since I was a kid I always wondered what I wanted to do with my life. I was lucky to be born with the skill to make decisions and keep them in the ups and downs of life to get what I want. From an early age I had an interest in taking things apart and then never build them again and when I saw my first electronic board I felt a great need to understand how it worked.

When I was an adolescent I asked my father to enroll me in a professional course of Electronics. I was living in Barcelos and I went to Braga to study. It was also at this time that I began to gain a taste for music and more specifically Hip Hop. I started recording my first tapes with the songs I liked and walked with my cassette player and my head bouncing during bus trips.

Watching 8 Mile changed my life. It was that movie that showed me that anyone is capable of making music as long as he or she has love for it and persistence. So I joined some friends who also liked Hip Hop and I formed my first group. During one of the sessions at José Durães’s home (a member of Prophetic Brigade hehe) I saw a program called Fruity Loops for the first time. This caught my attention because I did not want to be dependent on people who might not have the same interests as I do in music. So I started to take my first steps in the digital music production.

Years later and with three Brazilians I created the a group called Clandestino. We recorded the first album in February 2007. In the following years the group has undergone quite a few changes.  Some members got out and others joined. One of the original elements of Clandestino is now a very influential MC in Hip Hop culture: Buli 2B. In 2012 I left the group and went to finish my Master Degree in Electronic Engineering in Germany. There I started my first solo album – O Meu Caminho.

In 2014 I got my first job as an engineer to make software for audio and video in a big multinational. There I realized what it meant to have a job and two years later I decided to quit and follow my passion: MUSIC. If I have to work hard all my life I’d rather work hard to build something for me and doing what I like. At least I will live to know that I fought for my dreams and that I was not afraid to move forward and fight for what I love.